4 Bundles

4 Bundles #GETMadred Sew In System

What is this method: The #GET Madred Sew In System is a handcrafted original by Trayce Madre,a renowned Celebrity Extension Stylist and Trichologist. This innovative system was born from Trayce's passion for delivering meticulous attention to every detail in hair sewing, weft placement, creating a solid braid foundation, caring for your natural locks and scalp while providing a rejuvenating shampoo and conditioning experience using our exclusive Luxury Vegan Growth Hair Care Restore RX Beauty line. We go the extra mile with an expert end trim for your natural hair, a precision razor cut for your extensions, and a soft, luxurious lifestyle curl or the option for a sleek flat iron finish, all accompanied by personalized care instructions to maintain your stunning look.

4 Bundles: The start of our LUXE division. This is for a woman who is serious about detail and loves her fullness.  This flawless, flat and seamless application will have you mind blown on how it doesn't look like an extension and still is so natural.

How long will it last: Depending on your hair type and care regimen this lasts from 8-12 weeks
Installation Time: 7-8 Hours (Will increase with a removal and/or chemical applications)
Hair Selection: Virgin raw human hair in two patterns: loose wavy and loose curly.  Color: Black/Brown

4 Bundles w/ Leave Out Re-Installed $1000

Leave Out W/ Hair Included: Comes with a FREE Hair Wardrobe Bag 
18-20      $2000
22-24      $2100
26-28      $2200

4 Bundles w/Closure Re-Installed $1100

Closure W/ Hair Included: Comes with a FREE Hair Wardrobe Bag 
18-20     $2250
22-24     $2350
26-28     $2450

4 Bundle Shampoo Blow Dry and Style: $175
4 Bundle Maintenance and Tightening Leave Out: $245
4 Bundle Maintenance and Tightening Closure: $290

All of our reinstallations (done by Trayce Madre) include a COMPLIMENTARY removal and hair and scalp prep.
Outside Removals $200

#GETMadred Sew In System
Add Ons

Edge Color $50

Edge Up Relaxer $50

Edge Up Keratin $175

1 Bundle 1 Color $100

1 Bundle 2 Color $150

1 Bundle 3 Color $225

1 Bundle 4 Color $300