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What is the Madre Sew In System?

This flexible Sew In created by Celebrity Extension Guru Trayce Madre can be worn in a high ponytail, with minimal leave out, or a full LUXE with numerous bundles for fullness. Based on your lifestyle you choose which way works best for you. You will have everyone fooled!! (You can add a closure to this look as well)

Can I bring in my own hair for your service?

As a 23 year veteran this is an area I've seen so many women go wrong not understanding the weight of the hair on the weft, ounces and raw vs steamed hair. This is where I quality control my process so that there is no error. I only use Restore Extensions for my techniques.

View the hair that you will choose on the day of your appointment:


Do I have to get a relaxer?:

Oh heavens no! Relaxers aren't bad however the beauty of this is we want it to mimic your natural hair. 95% of my clients don't have chemicals however it can be performed only when requested. I'm a beast with the razor cutting and blending.

Do you book more than one client at a time?

Yes but only with a light overlap. I do have a licensed trained assistant so that my day runs smoothly.   I'm really serious about personalized time with you and catering to your needs I work in a private loft so that I can focus and get all of your requests done. I am a hair care expert so please bring all of your questions this day. I kindly ask for no children or guests the day of your service for privacy and size of the location. 

How much hair should I have to get this technique?

Great question! most are shocked at this answer. I really only need at least 5-7 inches around the perimeter and crown of the head. for the ponytail, 3-4 inches for minimal leave out and if your have some hairline issue I can install a lace closure with no glue. When you fill out the online consultation form there is a section that asks you to upload pics of your hair. This helps me guide you through the process better.


What's included?

Shampoo/blow dry of your natural hair with trim, Installation, Razor cut and style. I DO NOT allow you to come shampooed and blow-dried as I want to properly hydrate your hair and scalp prior to installation.

Is it ok if I have breakage?

Absolutely. I can show you how to work with it and get it to grow. You don't want to place extensions in those areas. We want to treat them so they will grow. I don't allow my clients to have tension in those area. My job is to grow your hair.


Will my hair grow?

Yes ma'am!! My clients receive at minimum of 1-2 inches of healthy new growth with each Madre' Sew In System


How long does this process take? You can expect a minimum of 5 hours based upon your questions, consultation, care for your hair, cutting and styling. It goes by pretty fast. I work directly to the mirror the whole time teaching you how to take care of your new tresses. We typically have fun for the day.


How long it lasts?

8-12 weeks. 90% of my of my clients maintain their own hair at home with Restore Hair Care. You can schedule a tightening session at 4-6 weeks if you are having a major growth spurt. This is recommended for the health of the installation.