LUXE Persona

LUXE Persona 


Indulge in the epitome of personalized luxury with our exclusive Luxe Persona program, tailored for celebrities, executives, and entrepreneurs who demand nothing but the best in hair styling and on-set presence. Elevate your image to new heights with the expertise of Celebrity Stylist Trayce Madre.

Program Features:

  1. Celebrity Stylist Trayce Madre: Entrust your look to the unparalleled expertise of Celebrity Stylist Trayce Madre. With years of experience working with A-list celebrities and renowned personalities, Trayce brings an exceptional touch to your styling needs, ensuring you exude confidence and glamour on set, TV, or film.

  2. Half Day (4-6 hours) and Full Day (7-12 hours) Packages: Tailor your Luxe Persona experience with the flexibility of half-day and full-day packages. Whether you need a quick touch-up for a shorter project or a full day of transformation, our packages are designed to accommodate your unique schedule and requirements.

  3. Multiple Hair Changes: Immerse yourself in a world of versatility with multiple hair changes included in your Luxe Persona package. Trayce Madre will curate distinct looks that seamlessly complement each phase of your on-screen appearance, ensuring a dynamic and captivating presence.

  4. Attention to Detail On Camera: Every detail matters, especially on camera. Trayce Madre brings an acute focus on the intricacies of your hair, ensuring that every strand is perfectly positioned to enhance your visual appeal on screen. Our commitment to detail guarantees a flawless and polished presentation.

  5. Coordination with Your Hair, Makeup, and Photo/Video Team: Experience a seamless execution of your look with Trayce Madre's coordination with your entire styling team. From harmonizing hairstyles with makeup to synchronizing with the photo and video crew, our goal is to create a cohesive and visually stunning result that exceeds expectations.

Additional Program Details:

  • Exclusive Access: Luxe Persona members enjoy exclusive access to Trayce Madre's expertise, with priority scheduling and personalized attention for every project.

  • On-Location Services: Our team is available to travel to your set or location, ensuring that you receive the Luxe Persona experience wherever your work takes you.

  • Confidentiality and Privacy: We understand the importance of privacy for our high-profile clients. Our Luxe Persona program prioritizes discretion and confidentiality throughout the entire styling process.

Elevate your on-screen presence with Luxe Persona, where Trayce Madre transforms your vision into a captivating reality. Experience the pinnacle of personalized styling and leave an indelible mark with every appearance.