Micro-Link Wefts

Welcome to the realm of Microlink Wefts, a revolutionary hair extension method that seamlessly blends the precision of microlinks with the versatility of wefts. Embark on a transformative journey led by Trayce Madre, an expert in the art of hairstyling, to achieve a look that exudes sophistication and natural allure.

What Are Microlink Wefts?

Microlink Wefts combine the precision of microlink technology with the convenience of wefts. Small sections of your natural hair are delicately threaded through micro-sized links, securing the wefts in place. Trayce Madre's expertise ensures a seamless integration, creating a voluminous, natural appearance.

Why Choose Microlink Wefts?

  1. Precision and Comfort: Trayce Madre's meticulous approach to Microlink Wefts guarantees precision and comfort. The micro-sized links create a secure yet gentle attachment, ensuring that your extensions feel as natural as they look.

  2. Versatility in Styling: Explore endless styling possibilities under Trayce Madre's guidance. Microlink Wefts allow you to style your hair with freedom, whether you prefer sleek straight looks, bouncy curls, or tousled waves. The wefts move naturally with your hair, adapting to your desired aesthetic effortlessly.

  3. Natural Movement and Texture: Trayce Madre's artistry shines as Microlink Wefts provide a natural movement and texture. The extensions seamlessly blend with your own hair, offering a soft and flowing appearance that mirrors the characteristics of natural locks.

  4. Customizable Volume and Length: Trayce Madre's expertise enables you to customize the volume and length of your hair with Microlink Wefts. Whether you desire a subtle enhancement or a dramatic transformation, each weft is strategically placed to achieve your unique vision.

The Application Process:

  1. Consultation with Trayce Madre: Begin your Microlink Wefts experience with a consultation led by Trayce Madre. Together, you'll discuss your desired outcome, hair goals, and personal preferences. Trayce's expertise ensures a personalized plan that aligns with your unique style.

  2. Microlink Placement: During the application process, Trayce Madre meticulously threads small sections of your natural hair through micro-sized links. This precise placement ensures a secure and discreet attachment of the wefts, resulting in a flawless blend.

  3. Weft Integration and Styling: Once the microlinks are in place, Trayce Madre seamlessly integrates the wefts with your natural hair. Her artistry extends to the styling process, ensuring the final result is cohesive and stunning.

Maintenance and Removal:

Regular maintenance appointments with Trayce Madre are recommended to ensure the Microlink Wefts remain in optimal condition. When it's time for removal, Trayce employs a gentle and meticulous process to detach the wefts without causing damage to your natural hair.


Microlink Wefts, expertly handled by Trayce Madre, offer a transformative and natural-looking extension solution. Redefine your hair experience with precision, versatility, and the artistry of Trayce Madre. Book a consultation today and step into a world where Microlink Wefts elevate your beauty with every strand.

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