Our Scheduling System

The Trayce Madre Scheduling System

#ExperienceLuxury at #GETMadred, where we cater to a distinguished clientele including celebrities, executives, and entrepreneurs. Located in the heart of Downtown Naperville, IL, our loft is a haven for those who appreciate premium service. Many of our clients travel from out of state or commit to a minimum one-hour journey to avail themselves of our services.

Recognizing the value of your time, we prioritize precision and efficiency. To streamline your experience, we encourage you to book your service conveniently online or via phone through our dedicated coordinator. Embracing a time-sensitive approach, we aim to ensure that your visit is as brief as necessary.

Our flexible 72-hour appointment change policy allows for adjustments to accommodate your schedule seamlessly. As a token of appreciation, enjoy complimentary amenities during your visit, including access to a well-equipped workstation, a selection of beverages, and convenient charging ports.

Explore the schedule below for a more in-depth look at our offerings and plan your visit to #GETMadred – where luxury meets convenience.

Madre Sew In System Installations (Tues-Friday)

Ponytail:  8am or (1pm Tuesdays only)
2 Bundle: 8am or (1pm Tuesdays only)
3 Bundle: 8am
4 Bundle: 8am
5 Bundle: 8am
6 Bundle: 8am

Maintenance Appointments
9am- Shampoo/Blow Dry and/or Chemicals (Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday)

2pm- Shampoo/Blow Dry Tightening/Removal & Style (Wednesday,Friday)

Varies-Tightening only w/no shampoo will always depend on what is currently booked for the day.